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Exterior detailing is an important aspect of maintaining vehicle value and condition. All vehicle paint and surfaces are significantly different, and therefore they each require special methods and products! Using safe, quality tools and chemicals for washing and polishing results in a beautiful vehicle for you to enjoy day after day.

Surfaces can become contaminated, scratched, or dull over time. Regular washing, cleaning, and detailing can help keep your vehicle looking great! Using protective products such as waxes, sealants, and coatings will extend the life and appearance of your vehicle. Proper methods and products can make and keep the exterior looking and feeling fantastic!

24K Mobile Detailing uses only the finest professional grade products for all our exterior surfaces. We have extensive training and experience in all aspects of exterior work. Our skill and ability are overall excellent reasons to choose us for your next detail service!

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While it may seem simple to detail an interior, in reality there are many factors involved. Vehicle manufacturers all use different materials and finishes on various surfaces. Different products may be required for each vehicle model to get the best results safely! There is also a huge difference between a professional detailer and a car washer. You get what you pay for, and interior detailing especially is no exception to that statement!

Interior surfaces may become too shiny, slippery, or greasy in the event that poor quality cleaners or protectants are used. Products containing silicone do more harm than good. These can cause damage or failure of factory coatings on surfaces. In addition, many vehicle makers advise against the use of protectants and dressings. A truly clean interior surface obviously means it is free from any contamination, oils, dirt, and debris. We focus on the details!


Please ensure you have selected the package that suits your vehicle’s condition. All services are subject to a deposit. This deposit is retained as a commitment that the vehicle is in a condition that suits the package it was booked for, and we have reserved a specific amount of time for that service on your vehicle. If a vehicle exceeds the parameters of the service chosen, an additional cost and more time will be required to proceed, and the appointment may need to be rescheduled. If you are unsure of which package is appropriate, please contact us directly for a quote.

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