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Do You Detail Rv's, Plane's and Motorcycles?

No. We Currently Do Not Offer RV or Motorcycle Detailing. "Please Check Back Soon"

What Should I Expect On Day Of Service?

  • You call to book appointment around your schedule.

  • I show up on time to your place for our detail appointment.

  • I detail your car and put the love back into the relationship between you and your car.

  • You are so amazed with the results of your car it effects every area of your life in a positive way.


Do you do fixed pricing?

The critical part of my car detailing prices is that I give a starting point. The obvious reason is that not all cars are created equal just as not all cars are equally dirty.


What Forms Of Payment Do You Take?

We accept all major forms of payment including Cash, Card, Venmo, Zell and CashApp


Do You Need Access To Water and Electric?


95% of the time we are working at the homes of our customers where we have access to water and electricity. This means we may or may not need to use your water outlet and electricity. However, for apartments, condos and offices, we do carry power generator and water on board our mobile unit.

 Do You Do Fleet Washes?


Limitations may apply. For Companies With Fewer Than 10 Vehicles. Contact us for a fleet rate.

I live in an apartment. Can You still do my detail?

Yes. We do apartments, condos, town homes and office buildings. We understand that power and water may be limited in certain cases. So, we  make our best effort to accommodate our own.

Are you insured from any damage caused by you or your equipment?

The answer is Yes. Rest assured that we are insured and bonded under a Nationwide insurance policy


My Vehicle Has Scratches and Swirls. Can You Fix Them?

In Most Cases Yes. In Other Extreme Cases No. For minor swirling or "Cobwebbing" We recommend more than just a cleaner Wax. Wax will enhance your paints gloss and protect it from the elements, but paint enhancement or even correction maybe needed for optimum results..


Is a Ceramic Coating Right For Me ?

Yes. It's a great idea. You need a coating. They're not just for expensive foreign toys and exotics anymore. There're affordable alternatives out there that the big detail shops don't want you to know about. At Cleaner Details we chose "Optimum Gloss- Coat" Optimum Gloss-Coat is a consumer grade hybrid coating. Optimum Gloss-Coat is the latest generation, semi-permanent coating from Optimum Polymer Technologies that will provide the user with an amazing level of gloss and slickness from the paint work and durability of 2+ years. Call us Today to learn about installation.

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